Boost your ROI thanks to the attractiveness of your digital product

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    This article highlights the benefits you can get by investing in a quality website, platform or application. By maximizing your visibility, improving the user experience, and increasing your conversions, you will be in a position to generate a significant return on investment.

    Today, a digital product that is desirable in terms of ergonomics and graphical interface is essential to remain competitive on the market. By offering an optimal user experience and meeting the needs of your customers, you will be able to maintain your competitive position.

    I- What is the hidden potential of your digital products?

    The usefulness of a digital product for a business

    A digital product is much more than just a tool for your business. In reality, it offers a multitude of opportunities for improvement, innovation and growth for your business. As a direct link to your customer base, it plays an essential role in achieving conversions and creating an optimal user experience.

    By investing in improving your digital environment, you are paving the way for optimizing your internal production as well as increasing the attractiveness of your offers.

    First, it allows you to optimize your internal processes, with the main objective being to improve operational efficiency. These improvements reduce the time and effort spent on repetitive and manual tasks, freeing up resources to focus on higher value-added activities. This can lead to increased efficiency and reduced operational expenses.

    In addition, a well-developed digital product offers you the opportunity to innovate in your product or service offerings. This can set you apart from the competition and strengthen your position in the market.

    Numerous possibilities for product evolution

    One of the exciting aspects of a digital product lies in its numerous possibilities for evolution. It can be enriched with advanced features that offer new experiences and services to your users.

    By separating internal and external digital products, we can find different functional improvement practices specific to each of them.

    For example, for your internal digital product:

    • The addition of task automation features: these functionalities can be integrated to simplify document entry for example. They aim to simplify and streamline processes, speed up operations, minimize human errors, and free up time and resources for higher value-added tasks.

    • The addition of workflows: workflows are constantly being challenged, adding more workflows will make the user experience simpler and faster. For your internal digital product, you must offer a path that can maximize user efficiency.

    • The use of artificial intelligence: how to use artificial intelligence for your benefit? You can use AI to automate tasks that are repetitive (administrative or operational), analyze and enrich data (rapid detection of insights, intelligent data proposal). There are many other ways to use AI to improve your product, such as virtual assistance (chatbots), in project management, training, etc.

    For example, for your digital product to external services:

    • The addition of upsale functionalities (additional sale): the upsale consists in offering a customer an additional product or service in addition to their initial purchase, in order to increase the total amount of the sale. For an example, let's take a flight booking platform that wants to integrate an additional purchase into its service, our solution would be to offer a hotel reservation feature.

    • Adding competitive features: The idea behind these features is to give your product a competitive edge over similar products on the market by offering unique features or significant improvements.

    Conseils pour améliorer votre site web
    Tips for improving your website

    Why increase your ROI

    Increasing your return on investment (ROI) is generally the main objective of a business. It is the key lending indicator monitored by its managers, investors and shareholders.

    In addition, by continuously improving its ROI, a company strengthens its competitiveness by maximizing the efficiency of its activities and by identifying areas in need of improvement.

    ROI is also effective in monitoring your performance accurately as well as the progress towards your business goals in order to assess your success.

    It is essential to increase its ROI for any business wishing to thrive and reach their business goals in a sustainable way.

    II- Maximize ROI through the modernization and optimization of the visual, ergonomic and technical aspects of your digital products

    As you have surely understood, your digital environment plays a crucial role in achieving a better financial result. By improving the aesthetic, ergonomic and technical aspects of your products at the same time, you increase your chances of converting and retaining your customers.

    A premium digital product is not only visually appealing, but it also provides an optimal user experience, which encourages customers to stay engaged and satisfied. By investing in the continuous improvement of your digital product, you reinforce its value and maximize a positive return on your income.

    Offer an optimal user experience:

    It is essential to carefully study user paths in order to offer the best possible experience, thus promoting access to the various functionalities for a web or mobile application and easy and fast conversion when talking about acquisition websites for example. When your customer quickly reaches their goal, whether it's making a purchase or getting in touch with you, it's a sign of a smooth and efficient experience.

    By optimizing the user journey, simplifying the steps and offering intuitive navigation, you facilitate the achievement of your customers' goals. This results in greater satisfaction and a greater propensity to act quickly.

    By understanding the needs and expectations of your users, you can respond to their various points of frustration and thus design smooth user journeys that effectively guide them to their goals.

    Optimizing internal processes:

    A redesign can also include improvements to internal processes. This approach includes automating tasks, simplifying workflows, and improving overall operational efficiency. By rethinking and improving these processes, you can achieve significant savings in time and resources.

    Automating repetitive tasks frees up employee time to focus on higher-value tasks, while simplifying workflows reduces unnecessary steps and inefficiencies. Better operational efficiency has a direct impact on ROI, by allowing the company to optimize its performance, maximize its resources and potentially reduce its costs, if not, not to increase its costs in order for its turnover to increase.

    Vos idées deviennent réelles
    Your ideas become real

    Remain competitive in the market:

    By adapting to the latest technological trends and by updating your site's interface, you have the opportunity to attract a wider audience and stand out from the competition. By offering a unique and differentiated user experience, you create added value that can captivate and retain your audience.

    In addition, by keeping up with technological developments, you can incorporate innovative features and modern designs that provide a more immersive and engaging experience. This allows you to create a differentiating visual identity and offer intuitive navigation, thus offering users a smooth and memorable experience.

    By offering an experience on your site that is different from that of your competitors, you position yourself as a reference in your field and give yourself the means to attract a wider audience and stimulate your growth.

    Leviers pour vos produits digitaux
    Levers for your digital products

    III- The strategy to adopt for a successful redesign

    Once the principle of the redesign is understood, it is time to move on to the strategic plan. A redesign cannot be achieved without a solid and well-designed strategy to ensure long-term success. We recommend that you surround yourself with UX/UI design professionals or mobilize your internal team to carry out this redesign.

    We've already talked about how your digital product can have a significant impact on your ROI. Now, it's time to put the method into practice to reach your goals. By aligning your business goals with your redesign, defining relevant key performance indicators (KPIs), and establishing a clear action plan, you can maximize the chances of success of your redesign project.

    The strategy will guide all stages of the redesign process, from design to implementation, ensuring that every decision is made thoughtfully and in line with your goals.

    1- Define your goals:

    To effectively define your goals, you need to understand the specific needs of your business and the challenges it faces. But it is also important to take into account the comments and feedback of your customers to identify relevant areas for improvement.

    To better target your goals and areas for improvement, here are some examples:

    If your aim is to increase the number of users, then it would be better to focus on redesigning the product to make it more desirable. This could include improvements in graphics and usability to attract new users and improve their experience.

    On the other hand, if your goal is to increase the average basket per user, an upsale approach could be considered. This could involve adding paid features or premium offers to encourage customers to make additional purchases.

    Your goals will guide the direction of your redesign and determine possible areas for improvement.

    Découvrir l'offre redefine

    2- Get the competitive edge through the redesign:

    To increase your revenue while boosting your competitive advantage and becoming the essential reference for your consumers, it is essential to adjust your approach according to your objectives and market trends. By adapting your approach to current challenges, you will be able to better meet the changing needs of your customers and position yourself as a leader in your sector.

    In order to achieve this objective, it is essential to conduct a Marketing intelligence continue in your field, to analyze the competition in depth and to identify opportunities conducive to innovation and the differentiation of your offer. In-depth competition analysis will allow you to better understand their strengths and weaknesses, giving you a competitive edge. It will also help you identify untapped opportunities where you can make significant innovations and improvements to your offering, setting yourself apart in your industry.

    Therefore, changes take place during the redesign of your digital product, allowing you to invest in an attractive and modern design for your users.

    In addition, this redesign will improve the performance of your product, thus offering a seamless experience. Thanks to these adjustments, your digital product will gain in attractiveness while responding more effectively to the needs and expectations of your users. This will strengthen your market position and promote better adoption of your product by your target audience.

    And finally, once the redesign is complete, develop a solid marketing strategy to promote your digital product and communicate its unique value proposition. Use targeted marketing tactics to reach your target audience and engage them.

    Effective communication around the improvements made to your product, as well as its benefits and differentiators, is essential to attract the attention of potential users. By using marketing channels tailored to your audience and by highlighting the improvements made, you will reinforce the positive perception of your product and encourage conversions.

    Save time and work with 40/60 teams:

    In just 10 days, we offer you the opportunity to define a redesign and to focus on real results thanks to our “Redefine” offer.

    Our approach consists in framing, defining and validating an idea over a short period of 10 days, this short-term offer is made to reduce expenses but also to avoid wasting time in order to quickly target problems and propose a viable solution in a minimum of time.

    To do this, we will start by carrying out an assessment of the existing situation and an in-depth evaluation of the ergonomics of your product.

    Then, we will conduct user tests and an understanding of the graphic charter. Finally, we will establish the backlog of the functionalities to be implemented to allow you to reach a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

    Thanks to our methodical and effective approach, we support you throughout the redesign process to optimize your product and make it more efficient, while meeting the expectations of your users.

    Présentation d'un sprint de 10 jours pour améliorer son produit digital

    What we remember:

    Attractiveness at the heart of the strategy

    The attractiveness of your digital product plays a decisive role in increasing your return on investment (ROI). By implementing effective redesign and improvement strategies, you can stimulate the interest and engagement of your users, strengthen your competitive advantage, and build customer loyalty.

    Créer un produit attractif
    Create an attractive product

    An improved ROI

    By understanding user needs, adapting the user experience, focusing on innovation, and implementing a solid marketing strategy, you are in a position to propel your digital product to success and achieve tangible results for your business.

    By keeping a close eye on current trends and remaining open to changing consumer needs, you can keep your product competitive and relevant for the long term.

    Remember that the attractiveness of your product is a long-term investment that can determine the success of your business in today's digital industry.


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