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Our offices

Come and meet us in Paris or Nantes, where our teams are based and ready to collaborate hand in hand with you.

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1 Place du Cirque, 44000 Nantes

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The Cargo, 157 Bd Macdonald, 75019 Paris

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The questions we are often asked

How do you start a project together?

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Contact us directly via the contact form or Book a call with Jean-Baptiste our sales representative for a personalized interview where you will express your challenges.

How much does a project cost?

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The minimum budget to start a project is 5,000 euros. This is the minimum necessary to provide quality tailor-made services.

Of course, our costs adapt to your needs: everything depends on your project progress and your goals! You can consult our services via the eponymous tab to get an initial idea of the budget range that will correspond to your project.

Do not hesitate to use our Digital Product Guide to carry out a free functional framework and get an initial estimate!

What sector do you specialize in?

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We work more with SMEs, major accounts, associations and startups that have raised their seed as well as series A, B... with a creative, technological and human approach.

We are particularly successful in these sectors: finance, banking, real estate, real estate, transport, industry, communication, education and social.

We like to work in partnership with the most tech-savvy profiles in your company, who are able to make decisions: CEOs, Head of Marketing, CMO, CTO, Product Manager, Product Owner...

Who is your ideal customer?

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An ideal client is deeply invested in their project and has either solid expertise in their field or a passion for digital technology.

Recognizing the value of partnership, its maturity in design and technology facilitates harmonious collaboration, leading to the successful completion of the project.

Clear goals on the part of the client are essential to assess success and satisfaction throughout the mission.

What do you need to do an estimate?

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We need to know your project and its technical framework. Do you want to explore opportunities through a POC or launch your digital product on the market? Do you already have an advanced concept, prototype, or product? Do you only want to create UX UI mockups or develop your product?

You can provide us with these elements via the contact form or Book a call with Jean-Baptiste our sales representative to get an estimate.

How are your projects organized?

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We use the Lean Startup method: we experiment using the design thinking approach, placing the user at the center of your product (user research). Then, we offer solutions and innovate. This generally involves the creation of UX UI mockups and clickable prototypes. Finally, we measure the impact of each of our proposals through user tests, which allow us to confirm our choices or to readjust them if necessary.
Once your prototype is completed, we can implement your solution using the most appropriate technology.

The teams are constituted as follows:
Mission director
Lead designer
Lead developer
Product designer
Frontend Developer

Of course, we adapt our method to each of your projects. Check out our services for more details.