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white paper: successful website redesign

Website redesign:
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In France, 80% of the population surfs the web on a daily basis. People are more connected to the Internet than ever and are used to finding almost any service within their reach. Users are now demanding and your website is like a store open 24/7. Take this opportunity to make it your greatest asset by offering an experience that makes their lives easier.
The digital transition 2.0 is here and a simple website is not enough. All of your products and services must be accessible and understandable, through an irreproachable user experience.

Why redesign your website?

Did you know that the duration of a website is 3 to 5 years? Whether it is a showcase site, e-commerce or an online software solution (SAAS), your digital product must evolve. Several factors explain this necessary evolution:

  • First, fight the obsolescence of your site. It may be old and no longer meets the current requirements of the web, such as speed, security, mobile format, or even the management of your content using a CMS.
  • Second, convince your users of the relevance of your solution. Habits are constantly changing and creating new needs among your users. In order to meet these, your site must constantly evolve. Otherwise, turnover is likely to take a major hit.
  • Thirdly, your users need to identify you well. A redesign can reposition your brand, allow you to launch a new business and accelerate your development.
  • And fourthly, stay ahead of the competition: while some businesses adapt, others are entering the market. Don't lose track, if you're not up to date, your competitors will be. Investing in a redesign comes at a cost, but ensures a gain in the short and long term.

What is a web redesign?

Today, many consider that a redesign consists in improving SEO or in reworking the aesthetics of the site. At 40/60 we really take into account a product, user-centered approach. So it's not just about changing keywords and colors but the experience that the user feels through the site.

There are 3 types of redesigns:

  • Brand redesign: we re-design your brand image in accordance with your values for a better perception by your customers
  • Brand and structural redesign: we are taking the opportunity to rethink and create new paths and uses of the site
  • Brand, structural and technological redesign: we update technologies and programming languages, optimize performance and install a CMS that allows you to have control of your content without knowing how to code

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