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ADN data

Helping data DNA convert and retain its users

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About the project

ADN Data has called on 40/60 Studio for two projects so far. First, the complete redesign of their Saas prospecting platform. In a second step, the redesign of their corporate website.

We worked on these two missions in two stages, starting with the redesign of their Saas platform.

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User Research

Product design (UX/UI)

Maquettes de la plateforme

The problems addressed

The ADN Data teams contacted us with clear problems that we had to analyze, understand and solve in order to provide them with coherent answers through interfaces that met their needs.

An aging design

Data DNA had a graphic identity that lacked modernity and dynamism to represent their actions.

Complex and disjointed paths

Some functionalities present within the existing one require a new approach to simplify user journeys.

Uneven MVP logic

A lack of prioritization in terms of missing functionalities, which slowed development.

A low conversion rate

The site required design and strategic changes in order to increase current statistics.

Aperçu de la plateforme
Aperçu desktop et mobile de la plateforme
Aperçu de plusieurs page en version mobile
Aperçu de la plateforme (côté droit de la section)
Plusieurs écrans desktop de la plateforme

The challenges of the project

DNA Data is a prospecting platform that allows marketing & sales teams to find 90% of their customers. To do this, ADN Data wanted to redesign their commercial prospecting platform to be much more intuitive and simple for its users, while maintaining complex and advanced functionalities.

Standardizing AD

Visual identity is a key point of this project, it must be able to be implemented in an omnichannel manner.

Simplifying the routes

Make advanced features like search and advanced filters more intuitive and accessible.

Improving conversion

A redesigned conversion journey to optimize the conversion of their leads.

Increase SEO

Allow the ADN Data website and their Saas platform to be better referenced by Google.

Section du site qui invite à tester la solution
Couleurs utilisées pour l'interface
Composant qui affiche les informations d'une entreprise
Section du site qui invite à tester la solution

The solutions provided

We provided various solutions and answers to the problems we raised during our iteration phases and in connection with the request made by the customer.

User research 360°

Conducting an audit, defining a persona, redefining different paths of the website and the Saas platform.

Design Saas

Design of the Saas platform paths in co-creation with the L'ADN Data teams.

Website design

Integral design of the ADN Data corporate website in co-creation with their teams.

Integration monitoring

Different iteration sprints on certain interfaces (Dashboard, freemium and the various advanced filters).

Plusieurs écrans mobiles et desktop de la plateforme

Project methodology

DNA Data was accompanied by a methodology in the form of a design sprint in order to best segment the various key stages of the two missions.

UX audit of existing

Detailed analysis of existing paths in order to challenge them and extract problems.

UX research

Identification, analysis and definition of the various problems to be solved within the interfaces, courses.

UX Design

Creation of the first screens in principle in shades of gray in order to begin the creation of models.

UI Design

Application of the graphic layer on the interfaces on the wireframes previously created.

Les étapes du projets

The skills of the teams

A dedicated team composed mainly of designers was called upon to carry out these various missions.

User research

Research and user testing


Creation of an accessible and modern brand identity

UX UI design

UX-UI design of the application and all the paths

Mockup de la plateforme sur un ordinateur

Our collaboration in a few words

We both redesigned the Saas platform, with a free trial, and created a new website to present the services. All this designed to support the user in subscribing to the platform. Conceived and designed by 40/60, we also supported DNA data in monitoring the integration and optimizing certain processes after putting them online.

The results in a few figures

X5 of the conversion rate

ADN Data was able to increase its conversion rate by 5 times just a few months after the end of the two missions.

1 regular partner actor

They now regularly call on us for the smooth running of their digital projects.

5/5 étoiles de notation

“I am eager to have worked with the 40/60 team to redesign the UX and UI of our application and website. The objective of our collaboration was ambitious, but their support, time, expertise and valuable advice allowed us to successfully complete our project.”

Photo of Marouane from ADN Data
Marouane El Gueddah
General manager
DNA Data logo