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Streamline pharmacy collection processes thanks to a user-centric approach

Mobile app
Back office

About the project

Youcie is a very ambitious project that aims to improve and streamline patients' pharmacy habits. The concept is a mobile application that allows patients to send their prescriptions directly to the pharmacy. They can thus come and pick up their orders on site and benefit from personalized dosage advice that can be directly consulted from their smartphones.

This project intervenes on 2 axes since it also aims to allow pharmacists to process these new requests thanks to a back office dedicated to their activity. 40/60 intervened on the entire Design part of this project, by creating, among other things, all the mobile application as well as the back office for pharmacists


Art direction

User Research

Product design

Plusieurs écrans de l'app mobile

The problems addressed

The idea for YouCie emerged after various observations:

Overcrowding in pharmacies

Some pharmacies are easily overloaded because they do not have a large capacity and over-the-counter procedures can take time.

Vain and energy-consuming trips

In case of unavailability of medication. This is a real frustration for people with reduced mobility in particular.

The patient/pharmacist relationship

Very important in the eyes of many patients who focus on advice and who can get lost.

A slow digitalization of the sector

Many procedures must be paper-based, which can waste time, both for professionals and for patients.

Composant qui permet d'afficher les information d'une pharmacie
Ecran de chargement de l'app mobile
Visuels montrant l'univers de YouCie
Ecran qui montre une étape d'un formulaire
Différents écrans de l'application et la mascotte de YouCie

The challenges of the project

This project is part of a complex and very competitive sector since it concerns the health sector, so there were many challenges with regard to this project.

Maintaining the patient/pharmacist relationship

Maintain this precious link around the pharmacist's advice.

Safety & Compliance

To avoid the excesses associated with the ordering of sensitive drugs.


So that types of users can use the application simply and easily.

Understand and adapt to technical constraints

How to insert a new technology into the constrained technical environment of the pharmaceutical industry.

Composant qui affiche les notifications
Composant qui affiche le récapitulatif d'une demande
Ecran de l'application
Aperçu du dashboard

The solutions provided

In view of the complex challenges and expectations explained earlier, our team worked in depth in order to be able to propose different types of deliverables in order to meet as much as possible the need explained by the client at the beginning of the project.

Ux-ui mockups

The creation of fluid and easy to use user journeys, while respecting compliance and document security issues.

Creation of an inclusive graphic charter

A redesign of the logo and the creation of a graphic identity using pharmacy codes to reassure users while modernizing the pharmacy to highlight the concept of innovation.

A functional roadmap

Think of the product over time with its possible evolutions to alleviate the technical load and the costs associated with it.

A Quality Service Plan

A detailed document that aims to keep the value proposition of the service in mind throughout its evolution.

Différents écrans mobiles et desktop du dashboard et de l'application

Project methodology

As part of this project, our team adopted a methodology based on the design sprint, this method allowed us to properly segment the different phases of the project and the subjects addressed (mobile application, artistic direction, back office, etc...)

Research and user testing

An in-depth study on users as well as an audit of the platform's UX made it possible to detect the problems before the redesign.

Functional definition and UX paths

Features designed to best meet user needs, framed in intuitive user journeys and aware of compliance constraints.

UI design and system design

Through a user-centered approach and a consistent design system, each interaction is carefully designed to optimize the usability and aesthetics of the product.

Creation of a mascot and a graphic charter

A reassuring mascot like YouCie that will reassure its users, reflecting a unique and coherent visual identity, reinforcing visual appeal and user engagement.

Les étapes du projetg

The skills of the teams

Our team was able to capitalize on several skills on this project, which had a broad framework.

User research

Research and user testing with teachers and students.

Art direction

Creating an accessible and modern brand identity

UX UI design

UX-UI design of the application and all the paths

Technical framework

Technical framework and front back dev

A woman is looking at a computer screen in a pharmacy.

From idea to MVP

After several months of co-creation with the founder of YouCie, we delivered a “vision” version of the application.

After various synchronizations between the technical team, design and the customer, we prioritized certain functionalities and thus created a functional product roadmap.

The results in a few figures

2 trips

in Luzon to meet our potential future users

3 digital products

a mobile application, a back office for the pharmacy, a back office for YouCie.

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