The agency

A Product Design & Development agency.
Innovate in uses to reinvent the daily life of your employees and users.

L'équipe 40/60 dans les bureaux de Paris

Our customers

Whether you are a start-up, an institution, an ETI or a large group

Our mission is to offer the best possible digital experience, whether for individuals or businesses. Regardless of the size of your company and your sector of activity, we collaborate with you in a spirit of partnership in order to offer important, ethical and responsible solutions

Our approach

From Paris to Nantes, much more than a design agency.

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We are close to the industrial sector and we particularly appreciate complex projects where understanding business issues is essential. Our approach is human, collaborative and resolutely focused on excellence. We support you from A to Z, from product strategy to UX and UI design, to development and marketing.

Your agency

The innovation agency to implement your projects.

The speed of technological developments, the complexity and changes in user habits are transforming our approach to interfaces and impacting businesses. We are convinced that it is by combining our skills and your knowledge that the greatest successes will be achieved.

We are committed to the success of each project.

+120 patrons

Accompanied on missions as diverse as varied.

They can range from user research, to interface or service design, to the development and launch of the product on the market.

Sometimes we intervene periodically, during a workshop or coaching. And other times our customers delegate the entire project to us to ensure its realization.

See our achievements
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60% Of renewal

More than 1 out of 2 customers continue to work with us.

After an initial mission, our customers remain loyal to us and the collaboration continues.

+20 talents

And talents in solid gold!

Our multidisciplinary team consists of strategists, designers and developers.

Leo et Lou qui travaillent avec des post-it

Our collaborations successful

They loved the collaboration and loved the result.

5/5 étoiles de notation

“40-60 Studio asked the questions we needed to answer 
and helped the idea mature. I would give 10 stars if I could. Hope to get the chance to work with them again :)”

Photo de Alexander chez Hjaelp
Alexander Rindom-Andersen
CEO at Hjaelp
5/5 étoiles de notation

“5-star support, thanks to Enzo who knew how to make the project exceptional!”

Photo of Ludovic from Allaw
Ludovic Stang
Co-Founder & CEO of Allaw
5/5 étoiles de notation

“The initiative, creativity and professionalism of the team made it possible to obtain a result whose quality goes beyond the objectives set.”

Photo of Jean from ImpalAct
Jean Diaz-Chantraine
Deputy CEO at ImpalAct
5/5 étoiles de notation

“The collaboration with the studio has been EXCELLENT in every way! [...] Camille and her team knew, 
From sprint to sprint, adapt to 
our requests...”

Photo by Christophe from Live For Good
Christophe Conceicao
Operations Manager at Live for Good
5/5 étoiles de notation

“... it is a very talented and creative team, but also very well organized and systematic...”

Photo by Martin from Grace Technology
Martin Lenweiter
CTO at Grace
5/5 étoiles de notation

“... présentation très pertinente par Quentin du rapport de l'audit UX ainsi que nos axes d'améliorations ! ...”

Photo de Maxime de chez Benevolt
Maxime Pauvert
CTO chez Benevolt
5/5 étoiles de notation

“... Valentin et son équipe ont transformé notre vision en réalité...”

Photo de Stéphane de Dotnet
Stéphane Alligne
Directeur général chez Dotnet
5/5 étoiles de notation

“I am keen to have worked with the 40/60 team on the UX and UI redesign of our application and 
of our website. This collaboration had an ambitious objective.”

Photo of Marouane from ADN Data
Marouane El Gueddah
General manager
5/5 étoiles de notation

“I loved the collaboration 
with 40/60 studio on our dashboard. Camille and her team knew how to be involved at the right level to understand our needs...”

Photo by Christophe from Botmind
Christophe Chevalier

Collaborate together




A holistic approach

We work in multi-skilled teams, under participatory management, composed of designers and developers according to your needs.

Experts at your service

Our agency provides you with its versatile digital skills. Our teams are made up of strategists, designers and developers, working in harmony for your projects.

Workshop avec un client



To your users

One of our main objectives in order to ensure the sustainability of your business is the user experience. All our interfaces are designed to guarantee your product a loyal audience.

To your strategy

40% business-oriented, 60% product-oriented, our agency ensures that you make the right choices, both strategically and technically.

Workshop dans le bâtiment Cargo, là ou est héberge l'agence


Challenging and achieving

Design: a driver of innovation

For us, design is a real driver in strategy: we apply Design Thinking and Lean methodologies to guarantee innovative services.

Make a difference

Your courses are tested and retested by user panels to ensure their effectiveness. A way to design ourselves creatively, while maintaining ergonomic requirements.

Workshop avec notre client Yure



Start-up & Corporate

We work with all types of companies, from start-ups setting up their concept to multi-nationals seeking to scale their services.

Products & services

We know how to design mobile applications as well as web applications, websites and Saas platforms, in sectors such as health, industry, sport, real estate, mobility, etc...

Deux personnes qui rient



Thinking together

We share our knowledge and skills and you share your business knowledge and quotient challenge with us. Together we make decisions.

Your partner

We know how to design mobile applications as well as web applications, websites and Saas platforms.

développement et intégration web application
Photo polaroid de la vie d'agence de 40/60 avec des personnes qui sont heureusesPhoto polaroid de la vie d'agence de 40/60 avec des personnes qui sont heureuses

Our history

We have grown over the years to offer ever more innovative solutions. Today, 40/60, it is a team of more than +20 talents spread between Paris and Nantes that is delighted to create innovative user experiences

Photo polaroïd de l'équipe 40/60
Discover our history

Since 2016

The 40/60 agency year after year, illustrated in a project!

Discover the full story!

A positioning Premium

We put the end user at the center of the creation process. The user research and testing phases being our fertilizer for the UX phase.


Opening to Nantes

We are convinced of the virtues of co-creation with our customers. The combination of our expertise in digital issues combined with your business understanding is a strength on which we capitalize.


Se reinventing After covid

We guarantee planning and budget control by orienting implementation towards the functionalities that create the most value.


Les collab' that propels us!

Hard work and talented teams aren't enough to land a perfect product the first time. To reach this stage, it is necessary to test and improve and adopt an iterative approach.


Creation of The agency

In 2016, 40/60 studio was born, driven by the ambition to merge design strategy and design. Together, our first flagship customer is Derichebourg, entrusting us with a large-scale project: from design service to UX/UI design, including IoT, a complete and exciting collaboration.

Our values


The impact

We guide each solution with an impact-oriented vision, seeking to generate significant and lasting results beyond the initial design.


The concrete

We transform creative ideas into practical solutions, thus anchoring our commitment to concrete realization.

Des équipes qui travaillent ensemble


The human

At the heart of every design, we shape experiences that go beyond mere aesthetics to create connections with users.



Our attentive presence and our commitment allow us to guide our customers. 
through each stage of the creative process to achieve exceptional results.

The founders and the team

Photo de Camille Hautreux

Camille Hautreux

Founder -
Design & Product Director

Optimistic, Camille helps start-ups reach new heights and make their fundraising a reality.

Photo de Quentin Da Silva

Quentin Da Silva

Founder -
Innovation Director

Quentin, combining strategy and realism, shapes innovation strategies for major accounts, promoting collaboration through workshops.

Photo de Valentin Grandi

Valentin Grandi

Founder - 
Director of Operations

Valentin, charismatic and passionate, guides key account clients in the development of innovation projects and digital products.

Le bureaux de Paris
Séminaire d'entreprise
Selfie de Camille avec le reste de l'équipe

Our offices

Come and meet us in Paris or Nantes, where our teams are based and ready to collaborate hand in hand with you.

Want to join us?
It's happening here!

To apply for 40/60, we invite you to take a look at our Welcome To The Jungle page.

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