Why 40/60 Studio for your next web development project?

Welcome to 40/60 Studio, your web development partner. We combine innovation, creativity and technology to make your digital projects a reality, from UX/UI design to full stack development. Whether it's marketing sites, CMS, or complex applications, our expertise guarantees efficient, secure solutions adapted to your needs.

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Find out why 40/60 Studio is the ideal choice for your next web development project. By combining innovation, creativity and technology, our team specializes in UX/UI design and full stack development, guaranteeing solutions that are both efficient and secure for a variety of digital needs, from websites to complex applications.

Discover our agile and personalized methods, our revolutionary use of no-code with Webflow and Devlink, and our traditional approaches with React, Vue.js, and more.

Whether you are looking to optimize performance, increase security, or develop in a flexible and scalable way, 40/60 Studio is your strategic partner in transforming your digital visions into tangible realities.

Web development with 40/60 Studio

Explore 40/60 Studio's unique approach to web development, where agility and customization ensure solutions that are precisely aligned with your needs. Discover how our transparent and collaborative process turns your ideas into effective digital realities.

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Agile and personalized web development

At 40/60 Studio web agency, we adopt an agile and tailor-made web development approach for each project of your company. Our designers, followers of the design thinking method, design intuitive and engaging interfaces that are user-centered.

This method makes it possible to deeply understand the needs of your users and to create experiences that are perfectly adapted to them.

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Customized solutions

Our developers then select the most suitable technologies to your specific needs, guaranteeing rapid web development that meets your expectations.

Whether it's for mobile applications, complex websites, or integrated systems, our team ensures that every detail is taken into account, from initial concept to launch and beyond.

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The assurance and reliability of our support

We believe in transparency and collaboration at every stage of the project. Our customers are constantly informed of the progress of work through project management tools and regular meetings.

This open communication ensures that your ideas and feedback are always taken into account, allowing rapid adaptation to changes and new constraints.

The No-Code revolution with
Webflow and Devlink

Learn how the no-code revolution with Webflow and Devlink is transforming web development, making creating sites and applications both faster and less expensive.

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Cheaper, faster

No-code, with tools like Webflow and Devlink, is revolutionizing web development by accelerating time to market and by reducing costs. This method even allows non-developers to participate actively through intuitive interfaces, making the process more inclusive and agile.

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Webflow, the optimal no-code tool

Webflow surpasses Wix and Squarespace by offering increased flexibility and advanced features for web design professionals. Unlike other platforms, which are often beginner-oriented, Webflow allows creation with pixel perfect precision, essential for brands that require a strong visual identity.

In addition, Webflow makes it easy to export code, allowing easy integration into more traditional development environments.

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Webflow and Devlink workflow

Devlink, the tool that goes beyond limits

Devlink is an accessible tool for everyone, which simplifies the creation of custom web solutions. It allows each member of our team, including those without technical skills, to actively develop complex functionalities.

Devlink also helps us transcend standard models for more advanced customizations and improves our efficiency through integration and automation with other systems and services.

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Limitations of No-Code for an advanced web application

Although no-code simplifies creation and maintenance, it has some limitations in terms of flexibility for very specific functionalities. The capabilities of the platforms you use determine what you can achieve.

For projects that require very extensive customization or unique functionalities, it may be necessary to return to traditional web development solutions.

Discover our traditional solutions

The traditional tools for a advanced web application development

Our web development solutions using React, Vue.js,, Node.js, and Strapi guarantee unlimited customization, scalability for growth, and complete control over development.

These advanced technologies make it possible to create robust and durable applications, ideal for projects that require extensive customization.

Vue.js and React JS for the Front-End

These JavaScript frameworks are renowned for their ability to create dynamic and responsive user interfaces. They allow the development of reusable components, which speeds up the web development process while ensuring simplified maintenance.

Node.js for the Back-End

Node.js is a server-side JavaScript runtime environment that allows for efficient management of data and processes in real time. It is particularly suitable for a web application requiring great scalability and efficient management of simultaneous connections.

Strapi for the CMS

In web development, Strapi is a headless CMS that allows you to easily manage content through a user-friendly interface. It offers maximum flexibility for creating custom dashboards, making it easy for customers to manage content themselves.

Disadvantages of traditional coding

The use of these technologies requires advanced technical expertise, which can increase web development costs. In addition, the implementation of these solutions may take longer, due to the need to develop each component to measure.

However, the long-term benefits in terms of performance, security and flexibility often justify these initial investments.

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Why our solutions
exceed WordPress?

Les limitations Of WordPress

In web development, WordPress is a popular platform among web development agencies, but it has several important limitations for implementing your website or web application.

A poorly secured interface

Plugins that are not updated or poorly secured can make your website vulnerable to attacks. In addition, a tool like Wordpress is a frequent target for hackers.

A compromised user experience

Excessive use of plugins can slow down your site, affecting user experience and search engine rankings.

Impacted performances

Although WordPress is flexible, extensive customization often requires complex technical adjustments. This may compromise the performance and security of the site.

Our pros compared to WordPress

Our web agency uses modern technologies specially adapted for each website and web application, offering solutions optimized for performance and security. Our frameworks and platforms ensure advanced customization, efficient resource management, and an optimal user experience.

Enhanced security

Our agency's solutions are designed with built-in security from the start. By using modern technologies and following best security practices, we minimize the risks of vulnerabilities and ensure the protection of your sensitive data.

Optimal performance

Thanks to powerful technologies such as React and Node.js, the 40/60 agency guarantees fast loading times and optimal responsiveness of your web applications. This not only improves the user experience, but also the positioning of your website or web application on search engines.

Flexibility and scalability

Our web agency develops flexible and scalable solutions, adapted to your specific needs and to the expected growth, without the constraints of WordPress, allowing tailor-made web projects.

We are doing the bridge between your goals, your users and the technology

Our web development agency uses a 360° design approach to precisely align solutions with the needs of your users and the strategic and budgetary goals of your business.

User research and
clarification of needs

livrables recherche utilisateur web application

Objective: Gather user needs and/or business constraints in order to consider solutions in line with their expectations.

Method: The first step in our process is to understand the end users of your business and to clarify the needs of the tailor-made web project. We go through the implementation of extensive research to gather valuable information on user expectations and behaviors.

Definition of uses and
selection of needs

Atelier d'idéation centré utilisateur

Objective: Refine thinking while maintaining a user-centered vision.

Method: Then, we define the framework of the project by detailing the needs and uses. This step includes identifying the key functionalities of your websites or web applications, defining performance goals, and creating use cases.

Interface design

Mister IA interface and wireframe

Objective: Land at clear, thoughtful and documented models.

Method: With a clear understanding of the needs, we move on to the design of the models. Our designers create visual prototypes that illustrate the intended interfaces and interactions. These mockups serve as a basis for discussions and adjustments before moving on to the prototyping phase.

Prototyping and user testing

prototypage et tests utilisateurs sur le terrain

Objective: Collect concrete data on user interactions on the mobile application.

Method: We develop interactive prototypes based on approved models. These prototypes are then tested by real users to gather feedback and identify areas for improvement. User tests validate design choices and ensure that the final product will meet user expectations.

Development & integration

développement et intégration web application

Objective: Make your mobile application real and technically usable.

Method: Once the prototype has been validated, our agency moves on to development. Our developers use the most appropriate technologies to create efficient and scalable solutions. We follow rigorous development practices to ensure code quality and compliance with project requirements.

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To conclude

In short, 40/60 Studio is more than just an innovation and creation agency - it is a partner committed to the success and innovation of your digital projects, among the best agencies in Paris. Our expertise in ergonomics, UX/UI design, and mobile application development, combined with our customer- and user-centered approach, ensures solutions that not only meet, but exceed, your expectations.

We invite you to connect with our experts to discuss your ideas and see how we can make your vision a reality. Visit our website to further explore our services, our achievements and discover how we can support you in the first creation of your mobile application.


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