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UX/UI redesign of Arte's educational platform

Saas platform

About the project

Educ'ARTE offers privileged access to more than 1000 educational programs, mainly European, for schools, from primary to high school. This innovative platform, created to enrich the learning experience, highlights flagship programs such as Le Dessous des Cartes, Karambolage, Xenius, and many others. Its main objective: to facilitate access to culture and education for all, transcending social and geographical borders.

Our mission was to rethink Educ'arte's ergonomic and graphic interface to modernize the educational experience of its users. With a focus on improving, modernizing, and streamlining the learning experience, we worked on a complete redesign to offer an intuitive and engaging platform. This redesign focused on optimizing the user interface, making navigation more fluid and enjoyable. Our goal was to create an immersive experience, allowing teachers and students to explore, personalize, and consume educational content in a more effective and engaging way.


Art direction

User Research

Product design (UX/UI)

Plusieurs écrans desktop et mobile de l'app web