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SNCF Transilien

Design Thinking Training and Workshop for 40 Digital Managers

Trainings & Workshop

About the project

Reinventing the Traveller Experience: Optimizing My C Line with SNCF Transilien.
In the changing world of transport, SNCF Transilien turned to us to rethink the passenger experience through the Ma Ligne C. Imagine: work in progress, changing itineraries, and travelers struggling with constant constraints. Our challenge was clear: how to offer a smoother and more satisfying experience to these travelers, despite the constant challenges they faced?

Ambitious Objectives: Customer Satisfaction and Growth
Our mission was twofold: to improve customer satisfaction in the short, medium and long term while stimulating the acquisition of new users. The key was creating a functional roadmap, a strategic plan to optimize application services. To achieve this, we plunged into the real world: fields of study, user research, and an in-depth exploration of growth, testing various channels and campaigns to understand user needs and expectations.

Exploration and Discovery: The Key Axes of the Future
This immersion led us to four areas that are crucial for the evolution of the application: personalization, pedagogy, community and support. These axes represented major opportunities: reassuring users in their choices, valuing the information shared between users, adapting the application to changing situations and effectively managing waiting periods during disruptions.

Creating a Vision: Support towards 2025
But our work did not end there. We worked closely with the product and UX team to turn these discoveries into prototypes. These prototypes were not only visual demonstrations, but a concrete vision for the application in 2025. A vision where every interaction would be shaped by personalization, education, community, and ongoing support for travelers, transforming the experience of each user.

Towards a Dynamic Future: Results and Prospects
This project resulted in a strategic vision for Ma Ligne C, aimed at improving the user experience, strengthening acquisition and offering unparalleled flexibility in the face of the changing needs of travelers. Our partnership with SNCF Transilien has paved the way for a future where every journey becomes a smooth and rewarding experience, thanks to a redesigned application that is user-focused and ready to meet the challenges of the future.


User Research

Product design (UX/UI)

Product strategy

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