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Magnard Delagrave

Optimization of a textbook web platform

Saas platform

About the project

The Covid-19 crisis has had a major impact on many sectors, including education. Magnard-Vuibert, aware of the challenges faced by teachers, students and the education system as a whole, took the initiative to strengthen its digital environment.

In this context, the update of Flex Manual is a strategic response to these challenges. This innovative platform aims to improve the textbook experience by offering a complementary solution to traditional resources. Flex Manuel is in line with the changing needs of teachers and students, offering interactive tools, dynamic content and increased accessibility thanks to its digital dimension.

By focusing on the complementarity between paper resources and the potential offered by technology, Flex Manuel seeks to offer a more flexible and rewarding learning experience. This initiative aims to support teachers in their transition to more interactive and adaptive teaching methods, while providing students with access to more engaging and personalized educational content.

The updating of this platform is therefore part of a broader strategy of digitalization and educational innovation, seeking to transform the way in which education is delivered and received, taking into account contemporary challenges such as educational continuity in times of health crisis and the needs for constant adaptation of the education system.

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User Research

Product design (UX/UI)

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