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Yure Pay

Helping Yure conquer the Caribbean banking market

Finance & Insurance
Mobile app
Saas platform

About the project

Yure Pay is a new generation bank that aims to facilitate access to banking services in poorly banked countries. Its innovative concept is based on inclusive applications adapted to local uses. Thanks to its products, local populations and diasporas can exchange money internationally using several types of wallets, which facilitates cash transfers.

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Art direction

User Research

Product design

Product management

Front Development

Back Development

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The problems addressed

Yure aims to turn his idea into a start-up with high growth potential. Our objective is to identify, define and effectively launch its solutions on the market. This project has several exciting challenges to overcome.

Clarifying the vision of the product

Yure aspires to solve several problems that are important to him by offering local services. Finance is the founding pillar of this vision.

Create a robust first release

Yure has an ambitious vision, but to ensure successful market adoption, the product must be robust and meet the high standards expected.

A Caribbean banking service

Yure is essentially a service for Caribbean populations. Their unique lifestyles and cultures need to be fully taken into account.

Structuring the product team

Yure evolves alongside its product, like any tech start-up. The team is growing and requires gradual structuring to support this growth.

Deux écrans de l'application mobile
Une main qui tient une carte bancaire Yure
Ecran qui présente Yuri, l'assistante vocale de l'appli
Des écrans et des composants de l'application

The challenges of the project

Creating a fintech product from scratch requires responding to major challenges. These challenges have a huge impact on product and service. Our teams have fully integrated them by surrounding themselves with experts to support them.


The application must guarantee data security by complying with mandatory cybersecurity standards for this type of field (banking).

International bank transfers

One of the goals of the application is to facilitate international money transfers for users, allowing them to send funds to other countries in a simple and convenient way.

Compliance (KYC)

The application must meet KYC compliance requirements by setting up procedures for verifying the identity of users and collecting information.

High illiterate population

In order to meet the needs of illiterate people, it is crucial to integrate functionalities specifically designed to make it easier for them to use the application.

Local consumers and diaspora

The aim is to design an application that is specifically adapted to the needs and preferences of the local population.

Trois écrans de l'application
A man and a woman sitting on a bench looking at a cell phone.
Workshop à l'agence de Paris
Mockup du dashboard dans un ordinateur

The solutions provided

To meet the challenges of the user experience, we have put in place various solutions. These give a unique dimension to the product through a user-centered and holistic approach.”

Reinforced courses

The user experience (UX) of the application and the back office has been significantly adapted to meet the needs of users. Such as creating an account, or transferring money.

A compliant product

International banking regulations need to be taken into account. KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance and procedures are of paramount importance in a fintech application.

A conversational avatar

Given that the population is sometimes poorly literate (with 50% illiterate in Haiti), this led us to develop new innovative interactions to guide users to the right paths

A product ecosystem (CX)

Yure is above all a service. All brand touchpoints need to be consistent to provide a seamless and unified experience.

écran de connexion et d'accueil de l'application mobile

Project methodology

By combining design thinking, lean UX, agility and the latest technological advances, 40/60 has developed a tailor-made approach to meet the challenges of the most complex projects.

Research and user testing

Research and analyses were carried out among the population in Guadeloupe and the Dominican Republic.

Accessibility and modernity

Our overall thinking on Yure's brand identity has also focused on digital accessibility, aiming to offer an inclusive product on the market.

UX/UI design

Following co-design considerations, the design teams made the products a reality by creating UX/UI models and detailing all the paths.

Avatar (UX Voice)

An avatar is specially designed for illiterate people, it serves as a guide through the application by UX voice.

Technical framework and front dev

In the agile approach, it is crucial to define the release plan and the backlog in advance to ensure the good management of the project.

API & SSO server

The implementation of custom APIs and an SSO server dedicated to Yure were integrated into the methodological framework to establish solid foundations and anticipate the growth of the start-up.

Etapes du projet

The skills of the teams

To create the Yure experience, our teams made their skills available:

User research

Research and user testing in Guadeloupe and Dominican Republic


Creating an accessible and modern brand identity

UX UI design

UX-UI design of the application and all the paths

UX voice

Avatar (Yuri) to guide the illiterate (Ux conversational)

Technical framework

Definition of the software architecture, the technologies to be used and development of the front-end part of the application.

Front development

Creating the visible and interactive user interface that users interact with

Back Development

Implementation of server-side functionalities and processes that power the application and allow data processing.

SSO server

Allows user authentication on an application.

Spot publicitaire pour l'application Yure sur un arrêt de bus

Our technical stack for this project

Yure Pay is part of a larger project on which we support Yure. The other Yure ID application led us to create an ecosystem of products allowing us to have a powerful and reliable MVP. The implementation of an SSO, a specific API, a database compliant with cybersecurity and a hybrid application was based on a common core.

From idea to MVP

The product is in the development phase. Initially, it will be launched in beta to a targeted population.

To realize Yure's vision, we created a mobile application, as well as a back office and an SSO server.

The results in a few figures

2 trips to the Caribbean

We went to test the prototype of the application both in Guadeloupe and in the Dominican Republic.

3 partner actors

have made it possible to create a reliable and scalable solution over the long term. Ria, Digicial, a Baas...

3 digital products

We designed and developed two applications and a back office

5/5 étoiles de notation

“The collaboration with 40/60 is warm! A young, dynamic and flexible team. A remarkable quality of exchange and real value proposals throughout the collaboration. We had the opportunity to work with a lot of partners, but despite the complexity of the project, 40/60 took up the challenge and was able to transform: our vision into reality.”

Photo by Toya from Yure
Toya Vertil
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