Turn your vision into reality with Define !

Define the scope of your project, define a precise budget, and establish a product roadmap in line with your business goals and search for funding.

Workshop à l'agence 40/60Ecran d'une application mobileArborescence d'un site webEcran de l'application mobile YouCieEcran d'une application mobile
Workshop à l'agence 40/60Ecran d'une application mobileArborescence d'un site webEcran de l'application mobile YouCieEcran d'une application mobile

Why the Define offer?

Budget and Time

Define the budget necessary for your digital project.

Technical framework

Define the environment and the technical challenges of your digital project.


Ensure its fundraising through a product management approach.

How do we help you achieve your results?

Workshop à l'agence de Paris

Aligned Business-Design Vision

Our approach integrates not only the user experience, but also a deep understanding of economic mechanisms. This allows us to align product design with your fundraising goals and grants, ensuring that the deliverables facilitate and strengthen your financial efforts.

Pragmatism and Innovation

While prioritizing innovation, we remain attentive to the concrete requirements of your market. This guides us in developing solutions that are both innovative and pragmatic, thus strengthening the potential of your product on the market.


User research and discovery are critical to the development of effective digital solutions. We take the time to understand your problem area, business goals, and target audience, gathering information that guides every decision we make and helps us achieve the best possible outcome.

Validate your hypotheses

Our team is committed to challenging your hypotheses and challenging conventional thinking in order to offer innovative solutions that promote commercial success. By engaging with your users and examining your industry, we discover findings and opportunities to redefine your product vision.

The deliverables of an MVP
defined for the market and to convince investors.

Workshop à l'agence 40/60 de Paris

Product vision

Understanding your market, your users and your business will allow you to guarantee the success of the launch of your product.

Etapes de la définition d'un produit

Product definition

We define the scope of your MVP to guarantee a product that respects your budget and deadlines.

Ecrans de l'application mobile Yure


What better way to convince than to show something concrete? To do this, we create interactive models that give the impression of having the real product!

They trusted us to define their product


Help a Finetech startup from Guadeloupe conquer the Caribbean market.

2.5 million — of euros raised per yure

Customer case: “Yure” platform
Carte bancaire Yure


Define, build and launch a medical service innovation for pharmacists and patients.

3 products — under development

Customer case: “Youcie” application
Mascotte de l'entreprise YouCie

Grace Technology

Launch a startup in luxury product insurance.

3 projects — design made in 2023

Customer case: “My Design Office” platform
Flèche qui pointe vers le haut droite
Application mobile de Grace Technology

C+M workshop

Collaborate with an engineering firm to define new services and business products.

2 projects — under development for the last 2 years.

Customer case: “My Design Office” platform
Un ordinateur qui affiche la plateforme Atelier C+M

Srem & Atlas NDT

Define, build and launch on the market a platform to disrupt the “non-destructive testing” sector.

2 years — collaboration as a product design and development team.

Customer case: “My Design Office” platform
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Plateforme Srem & Atlas NDT

Over 180 projects completed since 2016!

See the achievements

Our Holistic Define Methodology

Discovery & Define


2 weeks


Project manager
UX/UI designer

Objective: Understand the problem and define the product

We start our process with a thorough analysis of your business, products, services, market and customers in order to fully understand your environment. We use this information to identify missing trends and opportunities, and gain valuable insights. Our priority is to understand the needs and problems of current and potential users in order to optimize our approach. Then, we define the outlines of your project. From defining a minimum version or preparing for a total redesign, we always prioritize the scope of the project.

The deliverables of the phase

Etapes de la définition d'un produit
User research report

Actors map, persona and journey map with associated lessons

Roadmap de NDT manager
Backlog and product roadmap

Functional framework with the list of functionalities prioritized by value and difficulty.

Arborescence d'un produit
Product tree

We draw the vision of your product with a detailed tree structure.

Ideate and Design


2 to 3 days


Project manager
UX/UI designer

Objective: a wow effect to raise funds

When necessary, we finish the definition phase with an ideation phase. This makes it possible to present the product with creative ideas in order to have elements of conviction. We make a few models with the aim of causing a “wow effect”, in order to help project ourselves into the solution.

The deliverables of the phase

Mockups de la plateforme Yure en mobile
High Fi mockup

Present striking visuals for a guaranteed wow effect.

Any ideas?
Together, let's give them life.

Start a project

Our collaborations successful

They loved the collaboration and loved the result.

5/5 étoiles de notation

“Ma collaboration avec 40/60 a été excellente du début à la fin de mon projet. Une équipe à l'écoute, professionnelle et efficace. Ils ont su répondre entièrement à mes attentes. Je recommande sans hésiter !”

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Quickly define, frame and validate an idea.

Your goals are our goals. This definition phase allows us to create the perfect specifications to successfully complete your redesign.

A quick ROI

Redesigning a digital product can increase a company's revenue by 15% to 35%. stream

Efficient conversion paths

The intentional and strategic user experience can increase the conversion rates of 400%. stream

Increase user retention

The creation of intuitive and useful features is increasing by 15% on average user retention. stream

Improving the usability of the interface

47% of online shoppers say they are abandoning a site because they are unable to understand what the business is offering. stream

Increase technical performance

53% Mobile visits are abandoned if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load. stream

Save development time

50% of developer time is spent solving problems that could have been avoided at the design stage.

A unique workshop to frame my project


A half-day workshop carried out remotely or in person in order to successfully complete a project:

Talk about your users, your concept, functionalities and their journey.

Discuss your business model, marketing, technology, design etc.

Workshop à l'agence de Paris

Budget & financing of your project

Initial investment,
Optimal returns

We are flexible and offer tailor-made options to adapt to your level of progress and the specificities of your project.

The budget is fixed, eliminate financial contingencies with transparent pricing, based on the value we bring to your MVP.

Logo Diag Design

Take advantage of Diag Design assistance (1500€), we are a BPI partner.
Find out how to take advantage of it

Label d'agrément CII

We are CII approved You can pick up around 20 to 30% in tax credits.
Find out how to take advantage of it

Increase your chances of success as soon as your product is launched.

Fixing a development problem is 10 times more expensive than solving it in design, and 100 times more expensive if you are trying to solve the problem with a product that has already been released in production.

Start defining my project


Write to us to discuss your project.

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The questions we are often asked

How do you start a project together?

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Contact us directly via the contact form or Book a call with Jean-Baptiste our sales representative for a personalized interview where you will express your challenges.

How much does a project cost?

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The minimum budget to start a project is 5,000 euros. This is the minimum necessary to provide quality tailor-made services.

Of course, our costs adapt to your needs: everything depends on your project progress and your goals! You can consult our services via the eponymous tab to get an initial idea of the budget range that will correspond to your project.

Do not hesitate to use our Digital Product Guide to carry out a free functional framework and get an initial estimate!

What sector do you specialize in?

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We work more with SMEs, major accounts, associations and startups that have raised their seed as well as series A, B... with a creative, technological and human approach.

We are particularly successful in these sectors: finance, banking, real estate, real estate, transport, industry, communication, education and social.

We like to work in partnership with the most tech-savvy profiles in your company, who are able to make decisions: CEOs, Head of Marketing, CMO, CTO, Product Manager, Product Owner...

Who is your ideal customer?

An ideal client is deeply invested in their project and has either solid expertise in their field or a passion for digital technology.

Recognizing the value of partnership, its maturity in design and technology facilitates harmonious collaboration, leading to the successful completion of the project.

Clear goals on the part of the customer are essential to assess success and satisfaction throughout the mission.

What do you need to do an estimate?

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We need to get to know your project and its technical framework. Do you want to explore opportunities through a POC or launch your digital product on the market? Do you already have an advanced concept, prototype, or product? Do you only want to create UX UI mockups or develop your product?

You can tell us all this via the contact form or Book a call with Jean-Baptiste our sales representative to get an estimate.

How are your projects organized?

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We use the Lean Startup method: we experiment using the design thinking approach, placing the user at the center of your product (user research). Then, we offer solutions and innovate. This generally involves the creation of UX UI mockups and clickable prototypes. Finally, we measure the impact of each of our proposals through user tests, which allow us to confirm our choices or to readjust them if necessary.
Once your prototype is completed, we can implement your solution using the most appropriate technology.

The teams are constituted as follows:
Mission director
Lead designer
Lead developer
Product designer
Frontend Developer

Of course, we adapt our method to each of your projects. Consult our services for more details.